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18th April 2021 
About Counselling. London Therapy Foundation

Therapies Offered

Psychodinamic Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Person-Centred Counselling

Family/Systemic Therapy

I use the Integrative approach to facilitate personal change, working with one's thoughts and emotions in the present moment to achieve positive changes. The desired outcomes—a better sense of oneself and deeper, more satisfying relationships—emerge gradually as an interaction between the experience of each session and experiments in real life.

Couple/Relationship Counselling

“Being in an intimate relationship can be one of the keenest human joys and one of the greatest sources of pain. Love begins with so much hope: the dream of one day feeling known, accepted to the core; the dream of belonging, of protecting and being safe; the dream of deep passion; the dream of lasting bond. But hope collides with the realities of love: needs do not fit, anger divides, judgments erode the once easy acceptance, loneliness fills parallel but distant lives.” McKay et al. (1994)
Very often, the demands of modern living do not leave much time for maintaining a supportive and loving relationship. 
Counselling sessions will help you identify and work through your relationship difficulties to find more satisfying ways to relate to each other. You will gain some communication skills, which will empower you to manage your arguments and reach out to one another across the problems.

In Couple/Relationship Counselling you will:

• Learn the communication skills: listening, expressing feelings and scripting needs, negotiating, problem solving, coping with anger, time out and so on
• Learn “the rules for rows”
• Develop a better understanding of each other’s “wrong buttons” you press
• Discover your personality type and that of your partner so you can understand and make use of the differences
• You might be single and tired of going from one relationship to another, so let's address those issues

Very often I hear from my clients: “Why do I always go for the same type of men/women?” I can help you identify the underlying issues and explore the reasons for choosing a certain “type”.

Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy

“Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of talking therapies. They are delivered by trained practitioners who work with people over a short or long term to help them bring about effective change or enhance their wellbeing. “ - British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
People come to counselling for many reasons, at times of crisis or near-crisis, or in moments of feeling stuck. Whether it is an overwhelming sense of life being impossible or a smaller, specific problem, it can be helpful to have objective input from a neutral party, someone out of your immediate circle.

Individual counselling can supply necessary guidance and direction in order to make your life easier and more fulfilling.

Domestic Violence & Abuse

Domestic violence and abuse are common among couples from all backgrounds, classes, cultures and orientations. From my experience I know that in case of ongoing physical violence, working with both partners together may not be safe, therefore I would help couples in this situation to get individual support either from myself or other agencies.
Where couples are prepared to commit to a non-violence agreement for the duration of therapy, I can in many cases work with both partners together.